Separation agreement btw the BOE and Will Clark

We requested the separation agreement btw the BOE and Will Clark via the email below. You can find the agreement here

It appears the agreement does not answer the questions as to why he resigned or why the City decided to provide such a large payout.


Good day Ms. Foster -

The NH Register is reporting that the former chief operating officer of New Haven Public Schools Will Clark is receiving a $100,000 payout. In an effort to understand better the payout, I am respectfully requesting the following information: 

1.    A copy of the separation agreement btw the BOE and Will Clark. 

The NH Register is reporting that the NH Register has already received a copy of the separation agreement. So, I imagine it will not be difficult to fulfill this reuquest. Please confirm receipt of this email, and please let me know when I may expect to receive the documents.

Thank you,

Dennis Serfilippi

New Year - New Name - New Day for New Haven

First, we need to thank you for your interest and patience, and apologize for not providing regular updates. We started from scratch and things have admittedly gone slower than we wanted. The good news is we are now in a position where we can provide more frequent communications – probably two to three times per week to start.

The first update is we have a new name: Our New Haven. We chose the name because these are our neighborhoods, our schools, our children, our parks, our homes, and our tax dollars.  We live here, we own homes here, and we own businesses here. Many of us have grown up in New Haven, gone to school here, have lived here for many years, and plan to be here for many more. And we’re tired of special interests and outsiders taking control of our city. This is OUR City, OUR New Haven.

Our New Haven is going to run a candidate for the Mayor’s seat In November, and we’re also going to run candidates for the BOA.  And we won’t shut down after the 2019 election.  Win, lose, or draw in 2019 …we will have a ‘seat at the table’, and hold whomever wins accountable.  We’re in it for the long run. Likewise, we aren’t waiting for next year’s inauguration before taking action. The time to act is now.

So, where do we go from here?

·         We’re on a listening tour, and want to hear what you have to say. Please invite us to your Community Management Team (CMT), Local Block Watch, Church, Neighborhood Group we can get a better sense for the issues that are most important to your group. Send us an email here

·         Based on what we hear from you, we’ll build OUR Platform for the 2019 Election. AND we’ll select a few issues important to ALL of our neighbors and begin addressing them NOW. Some suggestions that have been made so far include identifying and targeting slumlords, building a directory of Our New Haven Contractors (contractors who live in New Haven) , and pushing the City to develop a comprehensive plan, ahead of Spring, to deal with dirt bikes so we can take back OUR parks and OUR streets.

·         In the meantime we will be building a scorecard to identify where the Mayoral candidates stand with respect to the issues. And we’ll continue our efforts to force this Mayor and this Administration to be more transparent.         

Message from the Publisher

Welcome! And thank you for stopping by. This site was built with a better New Haven in mind. We believe Elm City residents and the taxpayers ‘paying the tab’ deserve better services, a more efficient and accountable government, and a fiscally responsible budget.  If you are comfortable with overdoses on the historic Green, employee credit card abuse, around-the-clock security for elected officials, career politicians and an 11% tax increase, then this site probably isn’t for you. That’s because our aim is to bring wholesale change to the way New Haven is governed and operated. Likewise, if you are looking for a platform to endlessly complain, we’re not it. This site is about organizing, acting, and executing. So, if you’re still reading and you’re ready to act to change New Haven for the better then please look around; there are a couple of ways you can get involved right away. At the very least, please sign up to receive future communications so we can gauge community interest.        

Dennis Serfilippi - Made in New Haven