Petition to Investigate City Hall!

We need an independent investigation of City Hall. Please sign the petition below.

Many New Haven residents, taxpayers, and members of the media have raised concerns with regards to unusual, and seemingly inexplicable, financial and non-financial developments within our City government. The most recent development is news the New Haven Board of Education signed a $100,000 separation agreement with its COO Will Clark. Some prior developments (the list is too long to include within this petition) include the following:

  • An interest in borrowing $250 million in pension obligation bonds at time of rising interest rates.

  • New Haven Board of Police Commissioner’s long delay in removing an academy cadet with a history of domestic violence.

  • Numerous reports of UNITE Here backed Alders interfering with the progression/approval of development projects that don’t meet UNITE Here demands.

  • Refusal by City Hall to provide invoices supporting unexplained charges on the City of New Haven credit card.

To be sure, it’s possible the issues outlined above are nothing more than ‘politics’, or even incompetence. However, the optics are not good. And the refusal by city officials to provide explanations and respond to FOIA requests serves to magnify suspicions. Therefore, we the people of the City of New Haven call on our State and Federal authorities to investigate City Hall. This is OUR City, and we deserve to know the truth.

Petition can be found here..