Millions $$$ at Stake in New NHFD MOU

It appears the City and the Union removed the MOU from the internet, but you can find a copy by clicking here


I’m still digesting this agreement. But it appears to be a major giveaway by the City and will cost our taxpayers millions. Chief John Alston won’t speak to this agreement because it is indefensible. Something smells here and I intend to find out exactly what is happening and will do everything in my power to block it - including reaching out to the ratings agencies. If this is such a great deal for the City, then the City and the Union need to release the spreadsheets and the analysis.

I’m not going to let this go until we have all the information and the numbers, but I need some help. If anyone is available to assist with the research, then please email me in confidence at

Dennis Serfilippi


It has come to my attention that the City of New Haven signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NHFD Union on Friday July 12th. The MOU is far-reaching and covers many issues including staffing for the heavy rescue apparatus, minimum staffing, vacation time, health benefits for spouses of retirees, and pension buyback using accrued sick time. I am receiving conflicting information as to the impact of the agreement on City Finances. On the one hand, the agreement allows for the reduction in minimum staffing from the current 72 to a proposed 69. The reduction COULD save ~$1.5 million per year in the operating budget. The operative word is COULD bc the ability to get to the 69 MAY, repeat MAY, be dependent on hiring ALS staff which could take years. On the other hand, the agreement permits certain hires to buy service years using accrued sick leave, and would certainly increase the unfunded pension liability - PERHAPS by tens of millions of dollars. These are but two aspects of the MOU. Again, the MOU is far-reaching. My purpose in distributing this PSA and the link to the MOU is to make everyone aware of it’s potential to dramatically impact the City’s budget and debt, and make certain the items have been reviewed and accurately costed out so the taxpayers are protected. I have neither a legal nor legislative background. And I am not certain if the Board of Alders must approve the MOU or if the MOU is binding. The MOU can be found at the link below.

Regards, Dennis Serfilippi