Message from the Publisher

Welcome! And thank you for stopping by. This site was built with a better New Haven in mind. We believe Elm City residents and the taxpayers ‘paying the tab’ deserve better services, a more efficient and accountable government, and a fiscally responsible budget.  If you are comfortable with overdoses on the historic Green, employee credit card abuse, around-the-clock security for elected officials, career politicians and an 11% tax increase, then this site probably isn’t for you. That’s because our aim is to bring wholesale change to the way New Haven is governed and operated. Likewise, if you are looking for a platform to endlessly complain, we’re not it. This site is about organizing, acting, and executing. So, if you’re still reading and you’re ready to act to change New Haven for the better then please look around; there are a couple of ways you can get involved right away. At the very least, please sign up to receive future communications so we can gauge community interest.        

Dennis Serfilippi - Made in New Haven



Our mission is simple, but not easy. We want to replace the Mayor’s Administration, and the Alders who voted for the 11% tax hike. New Haven deserves leaders who will be fiscally responsible, rollback the tax hike, and place the needs of the residents and taxpayers before those of special interests.


We’re in need of Elm City residents with a mix of skills to help DEFINE and LEAD the movement.



It’s YOUR movement. We want YOUR help in choosing a name.