New Haven Check Register Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2018


I filed the below FOIA request on March 1st., and recently received a copy of the Check Register from 2018. I have not had time to review the data , but wanted to make it available to anyone concerned with City spending, and spending at the BOE. The file includes a complete list of payments (Excluding W-2 wages, i.e. payroll) made by the City of New Haven and the NHBOE.  You can find the data here.

I have updated my request to include date from 2019.


Good day Ms. Foster -

In an effort to understand expenditures by the New Haven Board of Education, I am respectfully requesting the following information: 

1. A complete list of all outgoing payments (except W2 wages for city EMPLOYEES) made by the  New Haven Board of Education  between Jan 1 2018 and Dec 31, 2018. To remove any doubt, I am asking to see documents that show a list of all payments (except W2 wages) made including the date of payment, name of payee, amount of payment and (if available) reason for payment). By payment I mean payment via Check, Wire, ACH or Cash. 

I hope you have something already prepared that will suffice. Most accounting packages include functionality that permits users to export and download this information. the information is ordinarily included in what is referring to as the Check Register, and though it is referred to as a Check Register it often includes outgoing wires and ACHs. I want to avoid creating any time consuming task on your part. We may be able to streamline this information if you were to let me know what is readily available. 

Please confirm receipt of this email, and please let me know when I may expect to receive the documents.

Thank you,

Dennis Serfilippi